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Guangzhou Asian games to know how much

Date: 2010-10-27

Asian games knowledge introduction
, a general Asian games, Asian games
The Asian games for the Asian games, is the international Olympic committee (ioc) admitted that regional large-scale integrated games, by the Olympic council of Asia (oca). It is not only the largest in Asia, the highest level of comprehensive sports games, at the same time also on behalf of the entire Asian sports level. The predecessor of the Asian games is the far east games and west Asia games. Every four years, with the Olympic Games held in interphones.
Second, the 16th guangzhou Asian games
Concept: passion A harmonious Asia
Objective: Asian games and carry forward the Olympic spirit, promote Asian countries/regions of solidarity, friendship and communication, is committed to building a harmonious Asia.
The 16th Asian games in 2010 in guangzhou, China on November 12 to 27, after 15 days. Guangzhou in 2010, the paralympics will be held on December 12 to 19, after 7 days. Estimates that in 2010 to guangzhou participating athletes will be in about 12000 people, more than in the previous Asian games.
The 16th Asian games in addition to the guangzhou main division, and shanwei, dongguan, foshan, three area. Guangdong Olympic sports center is the main stadium of the game.
The guangzhou Asian games set up 28 Olympic Games, there are 14 of the Olympic Games official competition projects, including the new go, wushu, dragon boat and other Chinese traditional items. A total of 42 categories, 56 breakdown, 463 events, is the Asian games in the history of the largest events ever.
Involved the place: for the 16th Asian games held in guangzhou office prepared sports venues, 93, 50, including venues standby venues 12, 31 training venues, main venues in guangzhou Olympic sports center, guangzhou tianhe sports center, guangzhou gymnasium, etc. At the same time, the committee appointed 57 hotels for designated reception hotel points, 35 hospitals for the fixed-point hospital. Guangzhou baiyun international airport, guangzhou metro transportation hub for the Asian games. Within the Asian games village in guangzhou panyu also has the Asian games media village, technical officials village and the athletes' village.