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To promote the preparations for the games

Date: 2011-03-17

Guangzhou Asian games, Asian games in order to cooperate with our hotel is ready to all the preparatory work, held a mobilization meeting, to decorate the preparations for the games.
October 30, afternoon I hotel hold the management meeting, each department head to participate, inspector team for the report about the preparations for the operation team, mobilization of all departments, to the attitude of supporting the work of the Asian games, the master obey the overall situation, overcome various difficulties, go all out, according to their respective actual situation and job responsibilities, to do a good job of the Asian games. October 30, specially convened at noon the dining hall, restaurant, conference, head of Asian games is dining diversion plans to mobilize, the dining hall meal games in strict accordance with the requirements to do a good job of the meal and food safety of the Asian games, study to do a good job of the venue for the meal service, to ensure that during the Asian games Asian games staff, volunteers and staff's normal meal. October 30, late I hotel also held Asian games property management began the kick-off, request property company must be responsible to complete every task during the games, to mobilize and organize strong teams, into the services during the games security work. Defend do focus on in-depth screening instability, refinement scheme, engaged in the deployment of the drill, do a good job security outside the red line, the escort for the Asian games event. Carry out all work in process, peripheral and venue team work to realize the seamless docking, for the Asian games held smoothly as scheduled laid a good foundation. Our hotel at the same time actively promote the comprehensive improvement of the environment, optimize the environment, with a new look to meet the Asian games.