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Cantonese cuisine, the more you have, the more flavor

Date: 2014-10-21

Guangzhou food is the main part of the cantonese cuisine and the representative, there are as many as 21 kinds of cantonese cuisine cooking methods, especially for Fried, Fried, stewed, Fried, clay pot, buckle and so on, pay attention to temperature, making dishes focus on color, aroma, taste and shape.Taste is given priority to with qing, fresh, tender, crisp.Guangzhou food material widely, various varieties of flower, the dizzying.Guangzhou food taste delicious, fresh color, characteristics of dishes rich, often popular among many customers.Due to climate, summer or winter, guangzhou cuisine will speaks in summer, winter light aromatic aspects introduce their delicious dishes, in order to satisfy the taste of diners.In recent years, guangzhou food always attaches great importance to draw lessons from foreign food, essence of absorbing and digesting the foreign food culture, and thus achieve mastery through a comprehensive study on the cantonese food culture, make it more popular.
Roast Suckling pig and plain chicken is representative of guangzhou cuisine famous dishes.Baked Suckling pig is ruddy color, smooth as a mirror, a crisp tender meat, sweet and not greasy.Will roast pig leather pieces of meat, deserve to go up onion ball, dipped in the salty and sweet pig sauce or sugar to eat, onion ball scent, Suckling pig sauce flavor, the cuisines are very fresh fragrance beautiful;Coarse sugar sweet, large particles increase skin tender, eating up to keep crisp pit-a-pat taste;In addition, the effect of pig skin and beauty to raise colour, it is worth a try.Plain chicken is the main ingredients of different and formed the unique taste.Dressing combination properly, not only has a special aroma, and can obtain unexpected peculiar smell, make plain chicken more popular.