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High-end hotel booster property

Date: 2014-09-11

Real estate regulation and control to make industry uncertainty gradually increased, to circumvent the industry risks, many developers into less risky development domain, such as commercial real estate industry segment is forming, the branch in the field of development patterns are also continuously explore, "hotel + real estate" to a new development mode to become tourism real estate derivatives.
After decades of development, China's real estate development mode is more and more differentiation, such as oct tourism real estate, star river high-end property model, mission hills golf real estate model, are a model of success. "Hotel + real estate" is based on the premise, to expand so quickly.
The root of the hotel property, services
The progress of the property management is a great blessing buyers, for buyers after buying a house to live for several decades, the location of the house, is basically a certain quality, and property management company to determine whether the buyers to live comfortable, also decided the appreciation potential of this building.
If it is to do the best property, it must be hotel management company. There are more and more people's communication, business behavior has become a habit, the hotel want to lived in their neighborhood to enjoy the service at the hotel, so hotel property arises at the historic moment.
Real estate is a typical service property hotel. And service is the service property of core competition.
The development of the real estate market has become increasingly mature, create the high-quality housing hardware quality alone is not enough. Real estate is different from the general consumer goods, the customer to spend money is not just a house, more attached to other values, such as the service on the house.
And with 14 years hotel background of han his property development co., LTD. (subordinate enterprise of "qingyuan clove garden hotel"), the hotel management in the service of mature mode and the pursuit of service nuanced, as a kind of subtle instinct, with their own the original hotel to respect and satisfy their customers.
In the real estate development project - taken peak ya ju, belongs to the property management company, on the service consciousness can be summed up in three words, that is "five-star consciousness". Take content canal operation, in the project planning and design stage has hired experts international property management property consultant, allow property management to step in and go deep into the early in the design of the project, at the same time also use five-star management resources and advantages, from the hotel in good management personnel formed into property management company, will rich experience in hotel management into the order of real estate property management.