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Date: 2014-07-19

Guangzhou hotel pool again recently. Is the appearance of the two respectively located in yuexiu district center and pazhou convention and exhibition business hotel of the plates. However, unlike traditional business hotel, two new appearance of the five-star hotels in guangzhou cost thoughts played a fresh "pattern", building itself, decoration design and service details, there is a new watch!
Old city stands on the "diamond"
Has been increasing in yuexiu district of guangzhou old city itself, a rare new hotel has a space in the flag. Recently on dongfeng road traffic, the Hilton brand in guangzhou for the first time, Lin in the diamond building up the new interpretation of the cantonese.
New tricks: lobby bar can product kunfu tea
Hotel usually has a lobby bar, the lobby bar is usually drink coffee tea cocktail, many business people after the busy like recreational area. Within the new appearance of guangzhou Hilton doubletree, the lobby tea gallery is a business hotel in guangzhou is quite a unique area, because it provides a unique kunfu tea service. See up the complete Chinese kung fu tea set was neatly placed on the table, and always on the table and a roll of kung fu tea on single inscribed wooden slip, and the characteristics of lobby bar in guangzhou trip and xiangyun Long door decoration, reveal a strong Chinese style emotional appeal.
New tricks: colorful pastry shop to go
On the other side of the lobby bar, a place called "CRAB&GO" pastry shop, it's easy to attract people's attention. There hung a variety of colorful wave plate, sugar in food in the freezer, lined with beautiful cupcakes. It is understood that the cupcakes here is low sugar low-fat recipes, chestnut, chocolate, strawberry taste and a beautiful and lovely modelling let a person see lose resistance, single 10 yuan to 20 yuan, it is said that business people and residents will be around in here to buy, after work to go back to slowly taste!
New tricks: fitness center with chess
General business hotel of the recreation center offers swimming pool, fitness center supporting services, the sports center in guangzhou Hilton doubletree, in addition to the above fitness matching, also special opened six chess and mahjong room. According to introducing, this business hotel in guangzhou is quite unique in the service of form a complete set. Each mahjong room to the outdoor garden, itself is a feast for the eyes, the hotel also provides guests with tea service, let the guests to experience the "ground" Chinese mahjong game.
New tricks: full service room overlooking the old city scenery
Since it is located in yuexiu old city center hotel, looking down the top hotel room, nature also can appreciate the original authentic scenery in guangzhou. From guangzhou Hilton doubletree room window overlooking the surrounding, zhongshan memorial hall, the old landmarks such as tower, yuexiu stadium panoramic view. Supporting is quite complete, and rooms of hotel guests can enjoy the Hilton from Lin brand services, including guest room refined tea and coffee, Britain rose pearl cui (Crabtree&Evelyn) series of bath products. In addition, you can experience the Hilton from Lin unique brand "dream in sleep.
Information service station
The Hilton Hilton doubletree honorary member guest to stay in guangzhou can be accumulated or redeem. From this day on May 31, 2014, the Hilton Hilton doubletree honorary member guest to stay in guangzhou one night complimentary 1000 extra points, two night can get up a double integral.
Set up the new plate "building floor"
Pazhou plate of the hotel because of the geographical position near the pazhou exhibition hall, and therefore its service in the thematic exhibition business guests than guangzhou city hotel to appear more prominent. In pazhou, recently has been high-profile a "building block" in guangzhou nan fung lang hao hotel industry, finally to the avant-garde design feeling rob mirror.
New tricks: blocks very visually dynamic
As a topic of pazhou plate hotel, guangzhou nan fung lang hao hotel building exterior itself, let a person shine at the moment. Love for the arts and the using of space has been the tradition of luxury brands, lang nan fung and guangzhou lang hao hotel also continued the brand original architectural design, the avant-garde fresh appearance let it become the pazhou, a big works of art. Hotel buildings look as if by the rectangular blocks piled up one by one, distance distinct, extremely rich move feeling, strewn at random have the 22nd floor building appearance also has a "cross the truth. which, far and near the different" the look and feel of the, because see from different point of view of architecture imagery are each are not identical, look a certain way like sailing yacht in the frozen in time and space shuttle, but from another Angle to see the universe warships seems to spread your wings and fly, is naturally associated with the freedom and space, seems to be "transformers" in general, futuristic.
New tricks: use outdoor space pearl surrounded by water
Business hotel located in pazhou plate, there is a feature that is facing the pearl river water, backed by ten thousand mu of orchard. Just try industry of guangzhou nan fung lang hao hotel is not exceptional also, between the two river, back to ten thousand acres of orchards, from the hotel in fine weather, the scene of a green.
It is use for this geographic advantage, guangzhou nan fung lang hao hotel will be natural and urban environment harmonious fusion: outdoor corridor green shoots, with marble pavement walk path extension, and the elegant curve as the ornament of flow pool scene, everywhere displays of design idea. Platform is on the fourth floor of the "star" outdoor lounge is a completely can connect with the natural outdoor open space, bead between water surrounded, nearby ten thousand acres of orchards, vast here also become the business guests in business activities, while enjoying the city landscape, tasting the signature cocktail or manually in the quarter, a good place for drinking.
New tricks: city column to big banquet hall
With exhibition core location, pazhou plate hotel nature have the edge in terms of banquet facilities. It is reported that guangzhou nan fung lang hao hotel has a total of more than 5000 square meters of meeting banquet space, hotel banquet hall covers an area of 2800 square meters, is a height 8 meters without pillar banquet hall, was a "big MAC" within the urban area.
New tricks: Michelin star sisters outlets
All say "eating in guangzhou", now that settled in guangzhou, the hotel is on the food so much heart