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Guangzhou travel off-season "swim" elderly "contrarian beacon

Date: 2014-02-22

22, reporters learned from guangzhou each big travel agency, the guangzhou tourism into the traditional off-season, "elders" has become each big travel agency destroyer "beacon", this year spring of guangzhou, the number of this kind of tourism products rose nearly thirty percent.
Just after the Spring Festival golden week, many travel agencies in guangzhou immediately into a new round of the battle for customers, "the elder Tours" become one of the most intense market competition. Workers to work in guangzhou, the elderly travel season against reverse travel off-season arrival as a whole.
The reporter learns from guangzhou many travel agencies, tourist season in March to April, the number of travel agencies for the elderly tourism products generally increased by about thirty percent from the same period a year earlier, and high cost performance, the guest is in good condition, is expected this year guangzhou tourism off-season "swim" elderly market there will be two thirty percent increase.
Guangzhou tourism industry insiders, wen said before, this season in addition to the ever popular train superior products, such as guangzhou many travel agencies more according to the different travel demand and the elderly from keeping in good health, culture, blessing, the depth of leisure, free line, etc., to provide elderly people richer, more diversified choice.