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Guangzhou Thailand tour group food poisoning after eating more than 20 people diarrhea and vomiting

Date: 2014-02-24

14 old to tour Thailand diarrhea and vomiting to lodge a claim after a meal
South lake CITS relevant responsible person or acute gastroenteritis caused by food, negotiate the compensation issues
Citizens Mr Huang tuxedo Thailand this year the Spring Festival holiday tourism, journey to the fourth day after dinner, he and the group members are more than 20 diarrhea and vomiting suspected food poisoning case, more than 10 people need to be hospitalized. Friends back home, Mr. Huang and group citing this damage health and travel in the mood to travel claim. The relevant person in charge of south lake CITS, says Mr Su or acute gastroenteritis caused by food, the call is conferred the aftermath.
Tourists shangtuxiaxie STH over and over again until midnight
The fourth night journey after the meal, Mr. Huang and diarrhea and vomiting group friends began to appear. Meal "27 people, a lot of people got infected, diarrhea and vomiting for into the early hours, accompanied by fever, the second day 13 people sent to a local hospital."
Mr Huang analysis: "that afternoon there was a unified arrangement chargeable - massage, most group members will go. On the other side of the environment is very bad, drink tea there also seems to be a bit of a problem." And the group is arranged on the night of the hotel, is also the only a meal, eat here with chicken wings and fish, etc. "I feel as if something is wrong with the fish at the time, feeling a little sick, so eat a mouthful of spit it out."
"Now also say not clear is massage shop tea or hotel group meal, everyone in the screening, there is no unified conclusion." Mr. Huang said, he took part in the tour group is made up of all ages people family. For whether caused by the water, he said: "can't be unified time large area attack, the second day tour guide took us to a hospital, notes and list in tour guide there, the medicine I have here."