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Guangzhou lotus guanyin open library, on the eve of citizens as the middle of the night

Date: 2014-02-25

Lunar January 26, is guangzhou panyu lotus guanyin open library. 24 night (January 25), more than over the pearl river delta people overnight to the guangzhoug, queuing up blessing "borrow library", week looking at the sea goddess of mercy and "borrow" profit, expect new treasures will be plentiful, good harvest year.
Guangzhou panyu star mountain scenic spot relevant controller introduces, although the saturated state, but the scenic spot sleek, no safety accident happens. Until the 24th night, into the blessing of the lianhua "borrow library" vehicles must be one-way road, Simon avenue path from the Asian games Asian games village to the lianhua road into the scenic spot, from the north through li & fung avenue to leave lotus, lotus road.
Panyu lotus in the south China sea, the story of guanyin open library since ancient times. Allegedly, some year spring, on the eve of care farming avalokitesvara cruise, and it's found that the more people scraping, plague, famine, pestilence, and make good money, the boy opened the warehouse relief for the people. Soon, no rice farmers borrow valley planting, farming flourish; The merchants borrow Bunsen of lack of money, the business is thriving. On January 26 every year, guanyin bodhisattva will open warehouse, let the people in need. (after)