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Xiamen netizens Posting for guangzhou old couple gulangyu most literary van tourism under the photo

Date: 2014-02-25

Yesterday, in guangzhou each big putting a special micro letter with weibo. Content is xiamen netizen "@ xiamen R" last July in gulangyu island to see old couple who come from guangzhou, then took a set by many netizens praised as the most literary van couple travel photos.
As the party in the photo is still not in, many people hope to launch power, take the touching love home.
Net friend:
May we also like them when old
In this set of network without a photo, dressed in a blue skirt, the old lady wearing sunglasses are a lot of people known as the "goddess" of literature and art. Many people watching the photos, say by this old couple hand and carrying the old son of conjugal love moved in.
A young male net friend on weibo said to his girlfriend, "when you are old, also want to do such a fan old woman." "I also want to take you to travel, etc." . While a lot of female net friend said, to have a boyfriend to accompany her wear the dress to be 80.