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Guangzhou tourism bureau: transit passenger travel subsidies travel agency in guangzhou

Date: 2014-02-24

21 morning, zhu recalled attend zengcheng guangzhou tourism bureau delegation group discussions, during which he accepted reporter, said in an interview in guangzhou last year became the third country citizens 72 hours 45 countries transit visa-free city, in order to attract the transit passenger "guangzhou", guangzhou travel to responsible for the reception and the incentive mechanism, the New Deal implementation of less than half a year, transit passengers more than Shanghai.
The government subsidies for travel agency
Last year, on August 1, 45 countries such as the United States, Russia, Australia, and foreigners have a third country visa and ticket in guangzhou baiyun international airport transit visa-free can enjoy 72 hours. Become a and after Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou third allowed to implement the policy of domestic cities.
After then, bring guangzhou mass transit passenger flow, guangzhou tourism to produce what kind of change? Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the guangzhou tourism bureau director zhu recalled on the issue. Zhu recalled said, after then, the city government has been funding support, provide guangzhou transit visitors "swim three days"; Less benefit due to the short trips, travel, travel agency of guangzhou to have the courage to "order" subsidies, "is specific to each guest subsidies for ten dollars." Implementation of the New Deal is less than half a year, guangzhou to participate in "one-day tour", "LiangRiYou" transit passenger number has more than Shanghai, come to guangzhou in the fourth, the total number of tourists tourism revenue ranked third, exotic travel has zero complaint.
In the interview process, however, zhu recalled but worried, "frankly, guangzhou dial money to tourism, and other cities cannot match." He was candid, rely on subsidies for travel agencies to maintain always is not a long-term solution, so the guangzhou tourism administration is now in Hong Kong, with the introduction of qualified travel agencies to cooperate in Hong Kong, "otherwise we can't support."